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What is Libserra?

Libserra is cloud platform for Libraries space that combines various capabilities including Messaging, Notifications, Payment, Library catalog functions with real time ILS integration and more spanning a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, connectedTV, web and social media.

Libserra also offers a cloud based ILS solution based on the open source Evergreen ILS augmented by custom add-ons that leverage the Libserra platform further enhancing and bolstering the Evergreen solution.

All solutions are offered in the form of a Platform-As-A-Service solution with the option of an on-premise installation.

Does the Libserra platform support APIs?

The Libserra platform supports REST and SOAP APIs to make it easy for third parties to integrate with it.

Can Libserra import data from an existing system?

Yes, Libserra can interface with existing systems in a number of different ways.

  • SIP2 Protocol
  • NCIP
  • Web Service APIs
  • File Transfer of CSV, Flatfile
  • Manual Data entry via Admin Panel

What capabilities does the Libserra platform offer?

  1. Cloud ILS
  2. Mobile Notifications
  3. Mobile App
  4. LibraryTV
  5. Social Media
  6. FundRaising
  7. Event Management
  8. Messaging
  9. QR Code/NFC/Augmented Reality

What types of mobile platforms and devices does Libserra support?

Our mobile aware app components run on iOS and Android devices including smartphones, tablets and connectedTVs.

How much does Libserra cost?

There are several components within Libserra and a library can pick and choose elements they wish to sign up and each component has its own pricing. See the Sign Up section for more information. Volume discounts available for consortiums.