April 1, 2013
Promoting new authors: Successful author readings have a community behind the event.

Promoting new authors: Successful author readings have a community behind the event.

How can libraries/universities leverage social media to help promote new authors?  Are you adding material to your library from new authors? Do you sponsor new author events at your library? One of the best marketing tools to promote new authors is social media. It’s free. It’s easy to use. And, it’s effective. (Using Social Media to Promote Your Book)

Successful author readings are successful because of a community behind the event. “I realized that all the good events I spoke at had something in common: behind the promotion, they had a community, an interested group that could easily connect with the host and use their networks to get other community members excited,” Kessler said, a recent new author.

Why not use the same concept to promote new authors? You can use your social communities to promote new authors – to build awareness of the new author and their book(s).

Use social media to share author’s social connections (their facebook, twitter, linkedin page). Invite your community to follow new authors on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Get your social connections excited about the new author. They, in turn, will tell their social media networks.

Developed specifically for libraries, SpreadViral-Libraries is a comprehensive social & viral marketing suite that takes the guesswork out of social campaigns.

YouTube and Google+ are great venues for sharing videos. Do a Skype interview with the new author and post it on YouTube. Share the link to the video through your social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Or, better yet, do a live Google Hangout with the author. Invite your social community to join the hangout and be a part of a live dialogue with the author. Google Hangouts are recorded and can be made available to your entire social media community.

Encourage your social communities to promote new authors.  Not only by tweeting or posting about the new author’s book and event, but share what they like about the author. Tweets from readers influences authors and publishers. “Outrage about Simon and Schuster’s plan to end Rick Yancey’s award-winning Monstrumologist series led the publisher to continue the series beyond the third book”,  according to Joyce Valenza and Wendy Stephens. (Social Media in the Library)

Use social media to let your community keep up to date with new author’s interviews, signings, and book reviews. Provide links to this information and to any videos pertaining to these types of events.

Set up a Twitter chat to regularly promote new authors. You can use a Twitter chat just like a book club. Encourage your audience to read the new author’s book, then set up a Twitter chat to discuss the new book.

Take advantage of Facebook’s Events. Set up an event on your Facebook page to promote the upcoming release of a new author’s book or to promote a new author reading or signing. Encourage your audience to share the event with their social media connections.

Promote book give-aways at author’s events or share links to the new author’s blog posts. Sharing information with your social network can quickly go ‘viral’ within the larger community of social networks’ connections.

by Carma Leitchy

If you found the information in this article useful and would like to learn more about social media benefits for libraries, please check out Libserra‘s social media tool SpreadViral-Libraries, powered by Fanggle

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